Company profile

AYDApex Yarn Dyeing Limited is an "industrial raw material manufacturing" company. It is producing dyed yarn as per requirement of the knitting and weaving factories and producing sewing and embroidery thread for readymade garment manufacturers.

AYDL has a production capacity of High Temperature and Pressure rapid yarn dyeing machines of different sizes along with sophisticated winding machines- both soft cone winding and rewinding machine with waxing device, high efficiency rapid dryer with vacuum suction hydro-extraction, and twisting, lubricating and spooling machines for sewing / embroidery thread.

The process require a high degree of utility support like compressed air for soft cone winding and rewinding, high pressure steam for bleaching, dyeing, washing and drying, and a massive amount of soft water for dyeing and washing and also for steam generation. To meet the above requirement AYDL has a 6 MT/h boiler, a 25 m3 / h water treatment plant, a deep tube well and an air compressor.